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Coming Home Project is a non-profit organization devoted to providing expert, compassionate care, support, education, and stress management tools for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, service members, their families, and their care providers. We are an experienced team of psychotherapists, veterans and interfaith leaders committed to alleviating the unseen wounds of war. Our nationally recognized, evidence-based programs address the emotional, social, moral, and spiritual injuries and the family challenges experienced during all stages of deployment, especially reintegration.

Since 2006, Coming Home Project has provided a range of services including Group Support and Stress Management Retreats for Veterans and Their Families, Female Veterans, Student Veterans, and Care Providers, Veteran Toolkit Workshops, Equine Assisted Workshops, Training and Self Care for Service Providers, and Community Education and Consultation. In the San Francisco Bay Area Psychological Counseling Services  remain continuously available. All programs are free, confidential, non-partisan and non-denominational.

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