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The Coming Home™ Project is a non-profit organization providing holistic services for veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, their families, and their service providers.  We are a multidisciplinary and inclusive collaborative of psychotherapists, veterans, family members, and interfaith leaders committed to improving the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and relationship challenges faced by OIF/OEF service members and veterans, family members, and service providers during all stages of deployment (pre-deployment, during, and reintegration).

 We Build Connections:   

Deployment and trauma cause connections to be compromised. We assist veterans, families, and service providers to move from isolation, fragmentation, and disjointedness to connection and interdependence. 

 Levels of Connection:

  1. Individual Level - building connections among mind, body, and spirit and among thoughts, feelings, values, beliefs, choices, and actions.
  2. Family Level - bringing family members together and restoring relationships.
  3. Peer Level - helping vets connect and stay connected with other veterans, families with other families, and service providers with other service providers.
  4. Community Level - building mutual understanding, respect and support among veterans, families, and the wider community.
  5. Organizational Level - bringing services, ideas, organizations and people together.

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