Coming Home™ Project Retreats

The Coming Home™ Project offers free, confidential group support and stress management retreats for OIF and OEF veterans and families, and their professional service providers.

A multidisciplinary team of veterans, family members, psychotherapists and interfaith leaders, we are devoted to providing innovative, compassionate care to address the mental, emotional, spiritual and relationship problems service members face. Our retreats invite participants to:

  • Share experiences and stories, struggles and breakthroughs, in an atmosphere of mutual support, safety, and trust.
  • Find understanding and acceptance.
  • Learn new skills, like mindfulness, qigong and yoga, for reducing stress and anxiety and enhancing well-being.
  • Improve communication and relationships.
  • Express what cannot be spoken through expressive arts such as journaling, drawing, music, dance and movement.
  • Enjoy invigorating outdoor recreational activities in scenic, peaceful settings.
  • Tend and transform the invisible injuries of war in heart, mind, identity, spirit, and relationships.

Our retreats are open to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, military families, and professional care providers who work with veterans. No particular political, ideological or religious belief or affiliation is represented or required. Everyone is welcome as they are and all will be honored and treated with respect. The intention of Coming Home™ is to serve veterans and families and contribute to their well-being and healing, not to convert anyone to a particular point of view. Retreats are facilitated by veterans, psychotherapists, and interfaith leaders who are experienced with trauma and the challenges faced by returning veterans and their families. They are not psychotherapy, but they are therapeutic.

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