Equine Assisted Wellness Workshop

Equine Assisted Wellness Workshop

August 28, 2011
Presidio Riding Club, Marin Headlands, CA

Join other Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and service members and veterans from other eras for this daylong workshop that harnesses the healing power of these gentle animals.

Equine Assisted Workshop--sponsored by the Coming Home Project with Dr. Sally Broder, hosted by the Presidio Riding Club, with the support of the East Bay Collaborative and Concord Vet Center.

The workshop is a guided yet freeing experience. This day with horses is not therapy, but it can enliven and reconnect us with ourselves, our fellow veterans, and our relationships. Participants will learn equine basics, using the horse as the guide in the unfolding of the day. Participants may discover hidden strengths as well as areas for growth. The experience can also help hone leadership skills.

All of the exercises will take place on the ground - there will be no riding involved.

Being with horses is an intimate experience, without the concerns often associated with getting close. Many discover the calming and relaxing effects of being with these graceful animals, and sharing the day with fellow veterans.

Participants are expected to attend the entire workshop. Transportation is not included. No childcare will be provided. 

Schedule of the Day

9:00-9:50am -- Welcome and Registration

10:00 -- Opening Gathering 

11:00 -- Hands on Horse and Arena Time

12:30 -- LUNCH

1:15 -- Arena Time

2:30-3:30 -- Closing